“I am a starseed. I am different. I don’t belong on earth. That is because earth is not my true home. I felt different all my life. My thoughts are different. My mind is different. My energy is different… I sense things around me. I hear things. I will just know things. I “see” people, beyond the exterior. It’s like I see their soul. I see their colours. I see their energy. I see their heart… Or lack of. I feel what others think of me. I am sensitive. I have allergies because of my sensitivity. I tried to fit in. I can’t. I’d rather die, because in order to fit in, I would have to kill everything inside me anyways. I tried that, and I wouldn’t recommend it. Besides, I know that’s not why I am here. I am programmed to be different. It’s in my DNA. I cannot conform. I came in this way so that I would react to these things around me, so that change can happen. I know I am not alone. Although, I am alone where I am. Many times I thought I was crazy. I must be insane having all these thoughts. –Starseed, alien, advanced technology, light beings, star people, mission to change the planet, save humanity… Sounds like a movie. Growing up I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. And I was embarrassed and ashamed about these thoughts, because who was I? I was nobody. I did not fit in, I was weird, and I was teased and made fun off. I was crazy thinking I had these super powers and would change the world. Now, that I have awaken, I know it is true. I am not crazy. I am here to change the world. I do have so-called “super powers”, which I am beginning to remember and re-learn. Of course I believe in aliens. I always knew I was one of them. I knew it in my heart. They are family. Earth is okay. By that I mean Gaia mostly. The soul that is the planet. I am here to help her. There were many of us that answered the call. Some were asked; some volunteered. We all wanted to go. We all wanted to be here. We care about Gaia. The earth was so dark. We could see it. We didn’t like it. We wanted to help. First we had to wait. We could not interfere. It was difficult for us to just watch. We didn’t want this planet to be destroyed by darkness. It is such a beautiful planet. Many of us have had many visits, and we care about the planet. Gaia is strong, but she needed some assistance, and we were happy to assist her. We all wanted to be here. But it’s very different from what we are used to. It’s dark here. The energy is very dense. There’s negativity here. Ego is very strong. There is much competition. We don’t understand that, because we know we are one. We don’t understand cruelty. We don’t understand dishonesty. We want equality. We want change and enlightenment. But we must realize that WE are the change and enlightenment. The ascended masters, galactic beings, angelics, or anyone else is not going to just appear, and suddenly everything will be fine and it’s over. WE are the ascended masters, galactic beings, angelics and others. It is us. We are the ones changing the world. We are changing it now. Be who you are. However you are. You are meant to be exactly that : ) I know it can be difficult, but please know that you are not alone. You don’t have to tell anyone, but it’s not worth changing yourself for anyone. You are the way you are for a purpose. You don’t want to change that. I love you, and I love being on this mission with everyone who resonates with this”

Z archiwum Kosmicznego Brata.

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